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Client Event: Long Term Care Planning

Type: seminar Date: September 28 Time: 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM Venue: Lee Law Office, 1809 W. Main Street, Richmond, VA 23220, Richmond, VA,

ATTEND THIS FREE CLIENT WORKSHOP Before you need Nursing Home Care, and learn about:

  • Planning & Qualifying for Medicaid – How you can protect your home and retirement nest egg from nursing home and other long-term health care costs
  • The 5-Year Look Back – How it works and why planning early is vital to protect your assets
  • State Medicaid Recovery – Avoid the loss of your family home upon your death
  • Traditional Estate Plans – Why they won’t help with nursing home costs and the type of plan that will
  • Preserving Your Medicaid Eligibility – The activities that you must avoid to prevent disqualifying yourself from Medicaid benefits
  • Immediate Need vs. Future Planning – The differences and downsides and how you can protect more of your assets
  • Joint Tenancy – Why adding your child’s name to the title on your home may not be an effective way to plan for Medicaid
  • Irrevocable Trusts – The pros and cons, and how they’re different from Basic Living Trusts
  • Veterans Benefits – How a little known benefit for wartime veterans and their widows will help cover long-term health care expenses, and how it may be easier to qualify for than Medicaid

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