CE Course: Understanding Buy-Sale Agreements

Title: CE Course: Understanding Buy-Sale Agreements

Area: Henrico, VA

Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Time: 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Libbie Mill Library

Address: 2100 Libbie Lake East Street, Henrico, VA 23230


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Course Description: 

A buy-sell agreement is a contractual document that outlines what happens if a business owner needs to transfer his or her interest in the company. A good one will also cover when a business owner can no longer be involved in the business for any reason, including death, divorce, bankruptcy or retirement.

Attend this class if you are a small business owner or a financial professional who works with business owners. Financial Professionals can help clients understand the details of buy-sell agreements and why they are important for all businesses.  Where lack of an agreement or misunderstandings over the interpretation of its terms are the basis of owner disputes about the value of their respective stake in a company.  Small business owners especially those in co- owned businesses must understand these agreements and the importance to their businesses. 


Course objectives will include:

  •  Understanding the types of buy-sell agreements. 
  • The triggering events that cause a mandatory or optional buyouts.
  • Understanding evaluations and the date imposed by the agreement.
  • Methods by which the agreement will be funded.
  • Transfers of an owner’s interests permitted under the agreement.
  • Types of transfers typically prohibited by agreement.
  • For Financial Professionals how understanding this area can benefit your business and work with clients .


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