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Essentials to Planning Your Legacy
Co-Authored by Estate Planning Attorney:
Melanie M. Lee, Esq.
with Robert Armstrong & Sanford M. Fisch

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Legacy planning is one of the most important ways to secure your future and the future of your family, but far too many people don’t believe that legacy planning should be a priority.

While you may believe you don’t need to worry about estate planning until you’re older or may think that creating a will is all you need, there is actually much more to the legacy planning process than most people imagine.

The right approach to legacy planning involves looking at the big picture. A holistic estate plan involves not just documents that specify who will inherit, but a comprehensive plan that allows you to decide how you want to leave the world and what you want to leave behind as your legacy.

If you want to ensure that your estate plan reflects your values and allows you to provide for people and causes you care about, Essentials to Planning Your Legacy is your guide.  Essentials to Planning Your Legacy provides insight and information on:

  • Protecting your assets so your hard-earned wealth can serve as your legacy: Risks to your assets increase as you age. This book provides the insight you need to identify and address the most likely sources of loss, whether that’s estate tax, irresponsible heirs, expensive nursing home bills, or other issues unique to you.
  • Keeping your family’s history alive and making connections with future generations: You are the keeper of your family’s memories and you owe it to those who came before you to make intergenerational connections. You’ll learn how to preserve and pass on memories and heirlooms so these precious family artifacts retain their meaning through the generations.
  • Providing for young children if you cannot be there to raise them: If you’re raising children, you need an estate plan that names a guardian who shares your values and that provides funding to meet your child’s needs. If you cannot raise your children into adulthood, you want to ensure you have as much control as possible over what their lives will look like without you. This book explains the process of naming a guardian and addressing issues related to financial support.
  • Providing for heirs or beneficiaries while taking their circumstances into account: If you have disabled relatives or loved ones with special needs, you’ll learn how to ensure you can provide for them while preserving their access to important government benefits such as Medicaid.
  • Addressing estate planning issues in blended families: Nontraditional families are the norm today, but blending two families raises special estate planning issues that you’ll need to address. Learn how to protect your children as you enter into a new and exciting relationship.

 With Essentials to Planning Your Legacy, you will get a comprehensive overview of the issues that could impact your legacy and you will learn how to take control over your destiny by making effective use of legal tools.

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