Advice From Your Oldest Daughter

Mar 13, 2014

Advice from Your Oldest Daughter: Elder Law and Estate Planning blog

Virginia Elder Law and Estate Planning attorney, Melanie Lee offers insights and advice to help Virginia families protect themselves and preserve their assets in a practical and easy manner

I am an estate planning attorney because estate planning or someone’s lack of planning touched my life in a very real and personal way. The truth is I remember the very day I became interested in Estate Planning. After graduating from Law School, I was completing a clerkship and headed to work at a law firm in Washington, D.C. I had decided to purchase a home and was standing with my real estate agent outside of the house when my mother called to tell my sister and I that my father was dying.

Immediately, I moved from Washington, D.C. to my home town of Richmond, VA to help my family deal with the “administration” of my father’s death. Over the next two years, my family lived through a horrible probate and an even scarier estate litigation. Due to my family’s experience, I decided that my life’s work would be to educate others about the importance of estate planning. Like a lot of my clients, I was thrust into handling my family’s affairs not just because I was an attorney, but because I was the Oldest Daughter. While most families I help, do not have an oldest child who is an attorney; in every family, someone is the “go-to” child, niece or nephew who helps parents or other loved ones in planning their affairs or handling financial matters. I am creating this blog for that person.

As an attorney, I am often asked questions about estate planning and elder law in the grocery store, in shopping centers, even at church. The truth is I love helping people and I have found that providing information is the best way for me to help. Often, people tell me it is difficult talking to attorneys and getting information in plain English. So this blog is written for anyone looking for advice on estate planning and elder law that is straightforward and easy to understand. For anyone looking for advice from their oldest daughter (or sibling). We will share information here that’s important to you and your family, educating you on how you can best protect your legacy and hopefully, occasionally entertaining you.

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